Retrenchment problems 2009 Sigh

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Retrenchment problems 2009 Sigh

Post  ultradust on Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:17 pm

I was part of the massive Philippine layoff of Jan 15 - around 1000 employees of 2 large US companies lost their jobs in a single day. There was even talk of a local outsourcing company who simply shutdown unannounced. There was crying in the city at that time --good thing I had internet income running 2 months before --so I really wasn't worried like the rest who had to contend with a new larger job market looking for scarce jobs. 1000 people may be small compared to the US - but this is the first time this has happened to the Philippines!

In the meetings of the "fired people, I felt I had to extend a hand and said "Why don't they visit my website - - I teach a free three month lesson via email on how to create income using blogs." Though I was shy at first, I think they really needed to know that there options out there. Specially now. I extend the same invite to you. Once your anger or disbelief is over. Signup to my blog and start learning the step by step lessons that enabled me to smile when things are grim.


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